Ray Agua´s R&D plants, show room and offices are in Avilés (Asturias) -on the North of Spain- located in a well communicated expanding industrial area close to the port. New premises will be open shortly in the business park Parque Empresarial del Principado de Asturias (PEPA). It will be a peculiar four-floor-green-building which will self generate most of the energy it needs. The new premises will have a show-room, development, assembling and distribution departments, and its main reference will be its new technologies research centre. 

Spain is a strategic location for Ray Agua´s technology to provide the main international markets (Europe, Africa, and Middle East) and respond regionally to the important water supply problems the Iberian Peninsula faces during drought periods.


Written on 13/06/2013, 07:13 by admin
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Written on 13/06/2013, 07:13 by admin
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