Analyzing different types of water and its cost, Ray Water has a very advantageous position over others. We detected a very important market, the largest in the world, treated water and bottled, over 45 billion euros with a consumption of more than 115,000,000 cubic meters in 2006 ( because it guarantees quality, hygiene and health to the consumers.

We are also manufacturing very pure water through a natural cycle, artificially created in our machines. Furthermore, water while passing through the circuit specifically designed in Ray Technology Water, is purified automatically. The result is a pure water of low mineralization that you can remineralize later on demand.

Water Ray Agua technology´ cost is lower than those treated and bottled. The use of our equipment, considering amortization and maintenance, is more economical.


Written on 13/06/2013, 07:13 by admin
diferent-sources-of-waterAnalyzing different types of water and its cost, Ray...
Written on 13/06/2013, 07:13 by admin
water-shortage-in-the-worldMost of the world's population suffering water...


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